Endless possibilities in the Spanish capital

Luxury Spain tours from Madrid




Madrid is a fantastic location. From art galleries to historic landmarks and a mouthwatering range of food and drink experiences, there is so much to see and do in Spain’s capital city that the only thing that might be lacking is the time to enjoy it all!

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What to do around Madrid and in the capital?

Culture-centred trips in Madrid and surroundings

Madrid is teeming with cultural experiences. It’s full of historical monuments and beautiful architecture. And whether you’re into art, music, literature, dance, or film, we guarantee your cultural appetite will be satisfied in the Spanish capital.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid

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In and around Madrid: food and wine tours

In Madrid, food is fuel, providing the essential energy for Madrileños to live life to the fullest. Food is also a ritual. Whether it’s morning coffee at the bar, a leisurely lunchtime meal, or drinks and snacks to set you up for the evening, taking time to enjoy the city’s food and drink is an unmissable part of your Madrid experience.

Cocido Madrileño

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Holiday destinations near Madrid for families

Madrid is definitely a family-friendly city. While at first glance, the later eating hours might suggest it’s harder to take a family trip to Madrid, in actual fact, kids are welcome in most places in the city. Plus, amidst the typical hustle and bustle of city life, you can easily find calmer spaces such as parks and squares for kids to run around and use up some energy while you take a break and enjoy the atmosphere. So if you’re thinking about a holiday destinations near Madrid for your family, we can help you get organized.

Family walking

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History tours in Madrid and its surroundings

Like many European cities, in Madrid, modern life and the footprint of history comfortably co-exist. A modern shopping mall stands on the site of a 19th-century train station and electric cars move along an avenue marked by 18th-century statues. 

Palace, Madrid

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Art gallery tours in Madrid and around the Spanish capital

Some cities are synonymous with great art, and Madrid is one of those places. Small wonder, then, that the vast collections of the city’s art galleries might seem insurmountable for the first-time visitor. If that’s the case for you, why not let your Spain-based travel experts Lugarex guide you through an expertly curated art gallery tour in Madrid?

Palace, Madrid

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Spanish architecture and monuments in and around Madrid

The horseshoe arches of the Mudejar style, Neoclassical columns, French styles inspired by the Bourbon kings and the symmetry and austerity of a quintessentially Spanish style from the 16th century: these are just some of the features of the architecture of Madrid.

Palace, Madrid

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Discover the jewish culture in Madrid and near the Spanish capital

For centuries, Spain’s story revolved around three different religions—Christianity, Islam and Judaism—and the changing relationships between their followers. Still today, the country’s architecture, art, food and the Spanish language show us the influence of the Christians, Jews and Muslims who have lived, worked, and even ruled in Spain.

Jewish culture, Madrid

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What to do in Madrid and near this city?

Located in the center of Spain, Madrid is an excellent base for discovering some of the country’s most fascinating and historical locations. With a guided visit to Madrid and its surroundings, your expert travel specialist Lugarex can take you in any direction from the capital to towns, cities and sites that represent Spain’s past.  

Here are some of the highlights of what to do in Madrid and its surroundings. 

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Frequently asked questions about Lugarex’s trips and tours to Madrid and its surroundings

Things to know when travelling to Madrid and near the Spanish capital

When planning your trip with travel specialists Lugarex, we will ask you lots of questions: ¿Qué? ¿Quién? ¿Cuándo?* Then, we use your answers to create a personalized vacation in Madrid.  

Ahead of our initial conversation, however, we advise you take a quick look at this list of things to know about traveling to Madrid. 

The Weather 

Madrid gets hot in summer, and we mean “100-plus degrees” hot. The rest of the year (especially May/June and September/October) has some wonderfully warm temperatures and the clearest skies to go with them. Of course, when your travel depends on your preferences, but that will be one of the first things we’ll check with you. 

Transportation in Madrid 

Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport is conveniently located some 11 miles from the city center and welcomes direct flights from Philadelphia, New York and Miami, among others. And you don’t even need to ask about travel to and from the airport: we can organize that for you, ¡sin problema! 

Meanwhile, getting around is a smooth process. The city center is small and walkable, but there is also a good underground transport system, el Metro, and plenty of taxis. And of course, we’ll gladly organize tickets, taxis and cars so you can get around the city during your stay. 

Accommodation in Madrid  

As in most of Europe’s major cities, accommodation is plentiful and varied in Madrid, from hotels run by some of the world’s most luxurious brands to self-contained accommodation with modern facilities in some of the city’s most exclusive locations. So, you just need to tell us what you prefer and we’ll find it for you. 

Attractions, tours and shopping 

Whether you want to see Madrid’s museums or local heritage sites, or try out some local cuisine, we can take care of every aspect of your trip, organizing tickets to El Prado Museum, booking tables at the record-breaking Casa Botín restaurant or creating a bespoke tour of Madrid’s landmarks with an experienced local guide.  

We can also take you on tours further afield, whether to taste wine in Ribera del Duero or admire the Jewish history of Toledo and Segovia.  

And if you want to do some shopping, we’ll make sure you have some lovely mementoes to take home from your trip to Madrid. Indeed, from luxury brands in the Salamanca neighborhood to small artisan traders in La Latina, shopping in Madrid is a real treat. 

The next step 

So let’s get that first call in the diary and we can ask start you the essential questions to make sure your tailor-made vacation to Madrid is a memorable experience. Contact us now.

What to do in and around Madrid?

There are many sides to Madrid. Yes, it’s one big city, but there are many different neighbourhoods, types of architecture, restaurants and bars...the list is endless.  

If you’re thinking of travelling to Spain’s multifaceted capital, travel specialists Lugarex can help you decide what you’d like to see and do when you’re there! Because not only do we know the city inside out, but we get to know you too, so we can match what you seek with what Madrid has to offer. 

Here are just some ideas of what to do in and around Madrid

Cultural activities 

Whether it’s art galleries, museums, musical performances, evenings of dance or sporting events, in Madrid you’ll be spoilt for choice. And there are also plenty of seasonal events, such as festivals and local celebrations, which you can enjoy during your stay.  

Outdoor adventures 

The city centre has many parks and gardens to spend a relaxing couple of hoursideal if you’re visiting with a young family. The warm weather also means al fresco dining is a must. And Madrid and its surrounding areas can also provide a little more action, with horse riding, kayaking or tennis just some of the activities we can organize for you.  

Food and drink 

With our food and wine tours, our local guides will take you to both the hottest foodie spots and the most traditional places to ensure you experience the full spectrum of Madrid’s gastronomic delights. From churros to tapas, we will make sure you’re well fed! 

Sightseeing tours 

A walking tour to see Madrid’s contrasting architecture and landmarks is a good way to find out more about the city. Or how about a sightseeing tour that takes you through the history of Madrid? Whatever you decide, remember that our tours are led by experienced guides with all the insider knowledge that will help make your Madrid experience a memorable one. 

Nightlife and entertainment 

Whether you’re looking for fine wine and fine dining, cocktails and dancing at an exclusive location, a family restaurant with lots of tasty tapas and some live music or a show and dinner, Madrid has it all. And as part of our service, we can book both tables and tickets, so let us know what you prefer as soon as you can! 

We’re already looking forward to helping you plan your vacation to Madrid. Contact us now to set up a meeting!

What to eat in and around Madrid?

In Madrid, eating and drinking is an essential part of your experience. From the classic tapas and vino tinto to emblematic dishes such as paella, tortilla and patatas bravas. In Madrid, you will be spoilt for choice. 

WHAT should we eat? 

Perhaps it would be quicker if we just told you “Everything!” In other words, we advise you try as many different food and drink experiences as you can. From traditional cuisine to gourmet dining, Madrid has all the options.  

As with all Spanish cuisine, there’s a huge focus on quality ingredients and fresh, seasonal produce. But you can also find the latest gastro trends, with Spanish chefs, including the Madrid-born winner of the 2022 Best Chef Awards Dabiz Muñoz, leading the international culinary scene with their creativity. 


If you’re finding it hard to choose from this long menu of options, don’t worry, we can organize a food and wine tour of Madrid for you that will give you a great range of foodie experiences to remember. 

WHEN should we eat? 

With Spaniards eating lunch and dinner much later than in other European cities (lunch is between 2pm and 4pm and dinner is from 9pm), getting the timing right can be a challenge. Go too early and many places will be closed or you’ll just miss the amazing atmosphere of Madrid mealtimes. Go too late and you risk your party being over tired or places getting too full to find a table.  

Luckily, travel specialists Lugarex can help you with that, booking tables at the right time to ensure you have a great time. 

WHERE should we eat? 

Madrid is your oyster! If you want traditional cuisine, go for a restaurant frequented by the Madrileños (we know where the best ones are!). If you want local delicacies, how about a foodie market where you can try a little bit of everything? If you want the best tapas in town, we can guide you to the right places. And if gourmet dining’s your thing, don’t forget that Madrid has 19 Michelin-starred restaurants for you to try. 

Plus, you can also combine eating with other Madrid essentials, such as a flamenco show with dinner, tapas while visiting the Plaza Mayor square or some late-night chocolate con churros on your way back from the opera. 

As you plan your visit with us, we’ll be sure to discuss what you’d like to get from your gastronomic experiences in Madrid. That way, we can work with our experienced guides to make sure they take you to the hidden restaurants and bars that only the locals know about during your personalized tours. Get in touch to find out more!

Ask for more information if you want to prepare your next tailor-made luxury holidays to Madrid and its surroundings