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Summer 2020 in Spain

Guaranteeing health and safety protocols

The perfect time to tour our beautiful country and discover its best secrets is now!

This 2020 has been so far a year different from all the previous ones. If we look back over the past few months, we can see that many changes have taken place in a very short time. Without a doubt, the Covid-19 has taken the highlight during the first part of the year in terms of health, safety, economy and tourism.

The most valuable asset of a population is its health. For this reason, during the first half of the year, drastic measures of confinement have been carried out throughout the world to cope with the virus propagation. Across the world, virtually every country has taken action, and it has begun to pay off.

Europe and particularly Spain has been significantly affected by the virus, and it this led to implementing drastic measures to ensure the safety of the population. In Spain, measures regarding health, mobility, security and activation of the economy were successfully implemented. The thorough implementation and execution of this comprehensive plan make Spain one of the best-prepared countries to reactivate a rather normal and safe lifestyle and living during the upcoming summer season.

You can now start planning your trip to Spain

The Institute for Tourism Quality developed a plan to ensure that travelling in Spain is safe and comfortable. From changes in the way that hotels and restaurants are run and managed to new transportation and control standards; safety, reduced capacity, cleaning and safety protocols are all part of our daily routine. Overall, the newly implemented health and safety measures will help to guarantee that Spain is adequately prepared for the return of its tourism industry.

Furthermore, if we add our suppliers’ extremely high-quality operating standards, we ensure that these measures executed with all guarantees. Both international and local hotel chains, as well as the smaller boutique accommodations, our network of partners, will take care of the smallest of details. Our local private guides who love and are committed to their cities are respectful of the safety measures. Our private transportation partners ensure that all vehicles in the fleet are sanitised before, and after each service, moreover, the use of a mask by all drivers is mandatory. Finally, an endless number of collaborating retailers and indirect service suppliers help to make travelling through Spain a responsibly safe experience.

During current times, relying on a local travel agency is not only recommended, but perhaps the best way to ensure safety and value-added services that will safeguard yours and your loved ones travel experience. By knowing and holding strong commercial relationships with our network of collaborators and partners, we will make sure of the services offered are always in line with the most demanding health and safety measures.

The best privately guided travel experiences for you and your loved ones

At Lugarex, we make sure that the experience our clients have is as personalised and safe as possible. Whether you are travelling with your family, partner or group of friends, there is no better way than to do it privately.

Personalised family holidays

Imagine having an official private tour guide dedicated to you, safe and reliable transportation and staying at best-located and safe hotels to guarantee the utmost peace of mind. Besides, until we are back to full normality, you’ll be able to take advantage of the lower number of visitors. You will be able to enjoy the Alhambra, the Sagrada Familia, the Prado Museum, or the Cordoba Mosque in the safety of a private group, and reduced capacity across all monuments and tourist attractions.

And if your destination is the beach, mountain or off-the-beaten-path locations, we will ensure that the accommodations are comfortable and safe and that your travel experience tailor-made to your linkings and preferences.

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