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History, food, idyllic sceneries and more…


With 25 UNESCO World Heritage granted status and counting, the perfect time to discover Portugal is now.

We invite you to follow the paths and traces of other travellers from the past: Romans, Celts, Visigoths, Moors and Christians – navigators, historians, discoverers have all left their mark on the Iberian nation. It was they and the beautiful culture and people of Portugal of today who turned this piece of land into one of the most exciting and intriguing countries in the planet. Now Portugal can leave a mark on you; an unforgettable memory long to be cherished – a personalised trip to Portugal designed by our passionate team of travel advisors at Lugarex, a unique and local travel agency.

Personalised trips to the Iberian Peninsula

There is no better way to get to Portugal than by interacting with friendly and knowledgable locals who are eager to share their life tales and stories with you. We work only with top professional tour guides, a reduced group of individuals who will undoubtedly enhance your journey by providing insider access – after all, it is all about who you know! Experience Lisbon’s sensual beauty and its vibrancy, stroll through its streets and sing their fados, learn about the rich history, travel by tram, gaze upon the sunsets over the rooftops of the Alfama. Get seduced by Porto and its historic centre, the sumptuous gastronomy and its world-renowned wine, and by the charismatic locals. Lose yourself in the beautiful corridors of Unesco World Heritage Sites in Tomar, Belém, Alcobaça or Batalha. Travel to Cabo de Roca, the most westerly point of mainland Europe or reach out to the end of the world at Cabo de São Vicente, the southwesternmost point of Portugal. Visit Sintra, wherewith its Pena Palace and Quinta da Regaleira; you’ll feel like you have stepped into a fairy tale. Discover the finest example of a Portuguese walled city and traditional town at Obidos. Feel nature in its purest state at Ponta da Piedade or go hiking among the granite peaks of the Penada-Gerês National Park. Navigate the canals of Aveiro and enjoy a ride in a moliceiro (a type of boat unique to Aveiro). Or, simply laze peacefully on sandy islands fronting calm blue seas.

Private visits and unique travel experiences

Are you also a great gourmet? ‘Petiscos’, ‘Pastéis de Nata’, Bacalao, ‘Francesinha’… are just a few examples of the range of possibilities to taste great dishes of Portuguese cuisine. Indulging in the Portuguese gastronomy means experiencing the richness of the country’s generous coastline and fertile countryside.

Food markets and gastronomy experiences

If you like to wake up to the buzz of a city, the tranquillity of cobblestone villages, the captivating beauty of medieval castles or the sound and view of exteriors bathed by the Atlantic Ocean – we will find the accommodation that is best aligned with your needs and preferences. Whether you are into stars, luxury boutique, resorts, refurbished castles or mansions – you are guaranteed to feel welcome and cared for when staying at our preferred hotels and lodging partners. Our hotels are always strategically and safely located and vetted by our team of experts.

Come and discover Portugal, on or off the beaten path!

With pleasant weather almost year-round, you can experience first hand the charms of the country, one that has as much beauty on the outside and what you see, as it does in the inside and everything that it will make you feel. With Lugarex’s customised tours and travel experiences and in the company of passionate, friendly and knowledgeable local guides you’ll be able to immerse in the culture and discover the history, unique architecture and cinematic scenery. Moreover, you’ll learn about the traditions, folklore and culture and the contributing factors that led to the Portugal of today.

Scenic landscapes, winery visits, hiking trails – Obidos is all these and more!

Time is precious and helping you to make the most of yours is part of our commitment. Once we have planned the best possible travel route, our private drivers and high-end vehicles will accompany you during your adventures, your comfort and safety, always our priority. By selecting the best combination between private transfers, fast-speed trains or domestic flights, the programme that you will follow during your Portuguese journey will guarantee maximum optimisation of your time in the most comfortable of ways. We also serve the adventurous ones, those seeking self-driving road trips or who simply like to do things on their own. Setting up the right travel experience, one that fits your exact wishes and ideas, or those of your group, can be a difficult task – we aspire to make the process seamless and straightforward.

Private transfer and transportation services

If you are dreaming of a place that thicks most, if not all, boxes and that awakens each one of your senses, follow our guide and discover Portugal today. If you can dream it, Lugarex, your local travel agency, will make it happen. We just can’t guarantee that you will want to go back home!