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Sun and sea, food and drink, history and heritage, architecture and art: everyone’s expectations for a perfect vacation are different. But with a place like Andalusia, there really is something for everyone

That’s why, if you’re looking at private tours in Andalusia, southern Spain, travel specialists Lugarex are certain we can help you!

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What to do in Andalucía?

Culture-related trips to Andalucía

Andalusia is brimming with culture. From the world-famous sounds of flamenco to the brushstrokes of Picasso, there is so much for culture buffs to see and do here.

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Andalucía: exclusive beach holidays

Andalusia has more than 600 miles of coastline, which amounts to many beaches, from long stretches to small, hidden coves. With its amazing weather and more than 300 days of sunshine a year, if you’re looking for beach holidays, Andalusia really is the way to go.

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Gastronomic experiences in Andalucía: food, wine and olive oil tours

From olives to grapes, ham, strawberries and tuna, Andalusia’s produce is some of the best in Spain, if not the world. We therefore highly recommend some food and wine tours during your visit. Here is a list of the finest gastronomic experiences to try on your vacation in Andalusia.

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Nature & Outdoors activities in Andalucía

As the biggest autonomous region in Spain and one traditionally linked with agriculture and the land, it’s no surprise that Andalusia is a great place to get closer to nature. The region’s many hours of annual sunshine and varied landscapes also mean it’s easy to include in your vacation some quality time in the great outdoors.

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Families and small group tours in Andalucía

Vacationing in Spain with a family is not hard. There’s excellent infrastructure, children are welcome in most places, including restaurants and bars, and a wide variety of activities suit everyone’s taste. The weather is also a big bonus, making Spanish beach vacations a great choice for family holidays.

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Andalucía’s History: muslim and islamic tours

Andalusia’s history is closely tied to the more than 700 years of Muslim rule over the region, from the 8th to the 15th century. While the size and scale of the territory, known as Al-Andalus, varied across the centuries as rulers changed and battles were won and lost, Islamic culture and traditions greatly influenced Spain and are still evident today—in the language, food and landscape, to name but a few.

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Discover Andalucía’s architecture

Rows of horseshoe arches, pretty tiles with geometric motifs, and arabesque fretwork are just some of the features of the Moorish architecture and decoration that you will see all over Andalusia.

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Jewish culture tours and trips: private and luxury experiences in Andalucía

Visiting southern Spain is a must for anyone interested in Jewish history and heritage. The Sephardic Jews were an influential group in Spanish society for several centuries, right up to their expulsion in 1492, and their mark can still be seen today in many Andalusian cities.

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Where to go in Andalucía, Spain?






Caminito del Rey


Frequently asked questions about Lugarex’s trips and tours to Andalucía

What to visit in Andalucía, Spain?

Andalusia, in southern Spain, has a wide range of experiences for all kinds of travelers. Whether you’re into history and architecture, adventure sports, food and drink or all those things together, travel specialists Lugarex can help you decide what to visit on your luxury tour of Andalusia.  

For the history buffs, we’d recommend some of Andalusia’s most famous landmarks. For instance, there are Roman sites dotted all over the region, including the Roman theater in Malaga and the ancient city of Italica, less than 10 miles from central Seville.  

A tour of the Alcazar complex in Seville, the mosque-cathedral of Cordoba or the Alhambra palace and fortress in Granada are also key to understanding the region’s rich historical tapestry, including the 700 years of Moorish rule and Andalusia’s Jewish heritage. 

For the adventurers, how about a hike on the Caminito del Rey pathway and its breathtaking views or a Nerja Cave tour? Inhabited since the Paleolithic, the cave is now a stunning and unprecedented setting for concerts. And if you love the sea, we’d highly recommend a Nerja fishing trip where you can try your luck catching some mackerel or sea bass. 

A private tour of Ronda may well be a foodie’s dream, with gourmet and traditional tapas and a Michelin-starred restaurant in a beautiful cliff-side setting. Local wineries are also an option for your visit. And if you want to work up an appetite with a morning hike in the nearby mountains, we can organize that too! 

Similarly pretty destinations can be visited on our white villages route, which will take you to places such as Frigiliana and Olvera, where you can walk along cobbled streets and enjoying the beauty of Andalusia.  

And if you’d rather an Andalusia beach trip, we know all the best places, especially in the most exclusive Costa del Sol destinations around Malaga and Marbella. 

So as you can see, a tailored trip to Andalusia organized by Lugarex will give you smooth access to the experiences you seek. We just need to organize our first call to discuss your options further. Contact us on +34 654 918 323.

What to do in and around Madrid?

With its warm climate and varied landscape, Andalusia enjoys an extended holiday season, making it a popular vacation destination all year round. Average annual temperatures for the region stand at a comfortable 75 ºF, going from 60 ºF to 68 ºF in winter to a scorching 95 ºF in some areas at the height of summer.* 

As in much of southern Europe, the summer months and especially August are busiest, but the warm weather across the rest of the year means cultural visits and private tours around the region are best enjoyed in the spring and autumn months. 

Outdoor activities, such as horse riding and walks around locations such as Caminito del Rey and Ronda, are great activities for spring and autumn. Similarly, snow sports in the Sierra Nevada near Granada are an excellent option in the winter months. 

If you decide to visit in summertime, we’ll be sure to plan any visits for early in the day before the heat strikes. And we warmly advise you use July and August mainly for beach holidays, focusing on the region’s amazing coastline and luxury accommodation, especially around Malaga and Marbella. 

Holy Week, or Easter, is another key time for travelling to Andalusia. Don’t forget, though, that any journey at Easter means planning ahead. So get in touch with us sooner rather than later, so we can organize your tailored travel arrangements and luxury accommodation.  

All you have to do now is take a look at your schedule, consider your travel preferences and we’ll take care of the rest. We’re looking forward to hearing from you! 

* All temperatures from WorldData.info

Where to go in Andalucía, Spain?

When you first embark on a luxury tour of Andalusia in southern Spain, you may be surprised by the landscape. The all-round warm weather that often turns into extreme heat at the height of summer might make you think of parched, dusty landscapes. But think again... 

Rows of olive trees dot the landscape for miles, dripping in the fruit that creates Spain’s liquid gold. Roads lead down to golden beaches and crisp waves, while inland, high, rocky landscapes and even snow-capped mountains will surprise you. And yes, there is semi-arid land to the east, in Almería.  

Back in the 1990s, Andalusia marketed itself as being unique. And it is—but it is unique in its amazing variety. So much so, in fact, that when you’re planning a luxury tour in Andalusia, you’re spoilt for choice.  

As experts in Spain and its regions, it’s no problem for travel specialists Lugarex to help you plan your next vacation to Andalusia. Here are some suggestions of where to go.  

Must-see Andalusian cities 


Seville is the capital of Andalusia and a favored destination for many international travelers. It has unique landmarks, such as the city’s cathedral—one of the largest in the world—and the stunningly decorated Alcazar palace.  

It is also a key destination for flamenco lovers, who might even be lucky enough to see a spontaneous performance in one of the city’s squares. And it has the charm of so many Spanish cities, in that you can get lost in its narrow streets and hidden squares, just taking in the atmosphere as you wander.  


Cordoba is another of Andalusia’s magical cities. As you wander through its Jewish quarter, you’ll take a step back in time—and go even further when you visit its Roman ruins.  

The world-famous mosque-cathedral, first built in the 7th century, will enchant you with its endless rows of horseshoe arches, while Cordoba’s squares, palaces and bridges will all help you build a picture of the history of this beautiful city.  


With the snow-capped mountains on one side and the Mediterranean coast on the other, Granada is uniquely placed to become a highlight of your luxury tour to Andalusia. The city’s main attraction is the UNESCO world heritage site of the 13th-century Alhambra palace and fortress, the Generalife gardens and the Albaicín neighborhood.  

And if you visit with our knowledgeable local guides, you will be sure to get amazing insights not only into the site’s history but its architecture and aesthetics. We'll also make sure your guide takes you to see the rest of the city too and includes some excellent tapas and wine in the experience.  


Looking out on to the Mediterranean, Malaga is a lively city that is currently going through a period of renewal, with several new museums popping up in recent years. While the Picasso Museum and the Pompidou Centre are two must-sees on your list for your guided visit of southern Spain, Malaga is also the perfect city to catch up with the latest gourmet trends in Andalusia, with three Michelin-starred restaurants for you to try.  

The past is present in Malaga too, with the Arab-style Alcazaba palace fortress and the cathedral down as two of the city’s highlights. Then just spend a few days on the nearby beaches of the Costa del Sol for the perfect end to your stay. 

Day trips 


The pretty town of Ronda deserves special mention as one of the best in Andalusia. Spread across the two sides of a high gorge joined by Ronda’s emblematic New Bridge, the town is home to ruins from the Muslim period, landmarks built after the Christian reconquest and even one of the oldest bullrings in Spain, dating from 1785.  

Visitors often hike in the nearby mountains before finishing their walks in the town and partaking in some of its gourmet offerings. Nearby wineries are also a great place to taste and even prepare local produce in cookery courses offered by owners.  

Plus, Ronda is a great starting point for a tour of the nearby villages of Grazalema and Zahara de la Sierra, whose pretty whitewashed buildings are a beautiful sight, both up close and from a distance.  


Did you also know that you can visit the southernmost point in Europe and a little part of Britain in Andalusia? The 4.2 square miles of the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar is a great day out during your visit to southern Spain and includes interesting options for military historians such as the American War Memorial and the City Under Siege exhibition. VAT-free shopping is also an attraction, with a wide range of shops for you to visit. 

Caminito del Rey and Nerja  

We also highly recommend you come with us to walk the five miles of the Caminito del Rey trail. The restored path hangs more than 300 feet above the Guadalhorce river and this breathtaking experience will be a great story on your return home. A Nerja Cave trip is another option for a day trip from Malaga, with the prehistoric underground caves open to the general public, as well as for special small-group tours, including night-time visits. 

After that comprehensive list, that’s all that’s left to do now is sit back and relax, as we do the work to ensure you get the very best of Andalusia during your travels. Contact us to find out more!

What is Andalucia famous for?

Some questions have many answers. So when you ask us what Andalusia is famous for, our response at Lugarex is that this southern Spanish region is, in fact, famous for many things—which is probably why you’ve been considering a vacation to the region in the first place.  

Of course, you might have heard of some famous aspects of Andalusia’s culture, landscapes and food, but not all. So here’s a Lugarex list of just some of the things we’ll take into account when organizing your private tour to Seville, Granada and lots of other Andalusian locations! 

The cultural heritage of Andalusia 

From art galleries to amazing architecture, from bullfighting to dancing horses, Andalusia is famous for many cultural elements. Yet, flamenco music and dance are surely the most famous of all, with the familiar sounds of the guitar and the swirling arm movements and rhythmic stamping of feet often representing not only Andalusia but Spain as a whole. 

If you’d like your vacation to include cultural experiences in Andalusia, from a gourmet meal with flamenco dancing to a tour of the region’s best museums, let us know and we can organize a culture-focused tour for you.  

Historical landmarks in Andalusia 

The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, the Alhambra palace and fortress in Granada, the cathedrals of Cadiz and Seville, and the Roman amphitheater in Malaga are just some of Andalusia’s most famous historical landmarks.  


Whatever the length of your stay, we will make sure you enjoy visiting Andalusia’s most famous historical landmarks with our knowledgeable local guides. 

Delicious cuisine in Andalusia 

Olives, Ibérico ham, fresh seafood, seasonal fruit and vegetables, Andalusia’s products are famous the world over. But while you might have tried some of them at home, there’s nothing like a food and wine tour of Andalusia to ensure an authentic experience. 

So make sure you ask us about our tapas and wine tours covering a range of cities and experiences in Andalusia that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. 

The beautiful beaches of Andalusia 

Whether you’re looking for endless sandy beaches or small coves, Andalusia’s extensive coastline means you’ll be spoilt for choice. From Malaga to Marbella, Almuñecar to Sotogrande, Andalusia’s beaches deserve a tour of their own.  

And don’t forget to ask us about our insider knowledge of the best chiringuitos (beach bars), which make Andalusia a favorite destination for locals and international travelers alike. 

We’ve covered a lot in just a short space of time. And there’s so much more for you to enjoy. So whether you’re looking for a private tour of Granada or a bespoke visit to Seville, you can be safe in the knowledge that travel specialists Lugarex will create an unforgettable vacation experience for you.  

Contact us now to discuss your vacation in southern Spain.

Which traditions are to experience in Andalucía, Spain?

When travelling to Andalusia, there are some unmissable experiences that should be on your list. 


As you might have guessed, at Lugarex, we’re big on food. So we will undoubtedly guide you towards one of our Ibérico ham tasting tours or olive oil experiences as part of your Spanish adventure.  

As two of the region’s most famous exports, delving deeper into those traditional ingredients and how they are produced will not only let you taste some truly delicious products, but provide insight into the history of Spain’s largest region. 


Flamenco is another emblematic characteristic of Andalusia. From large-scale theatre performances to intimate shows in smaller venues, such as Seville’s Santa Cruz neighborhood, a flamenco-focused tailor-made trip is a truly unmissable experience. 

Holy Week 

While Andalusia’s excellent climate will give you access to open-air activities in nature, beautiful beaches and outdoor life almost all year round, there are also some key times to visit Andalusia and experience its most emblematic traditions. 

Holy Week, held in the week before Easter Sunday, is one such tradition that marries Spain’s Catholic heritage with Andalusia’s love for religious icons and imagery, in processions that take place throughout the day and night leading up to Easter Sunday.  

The combination of life-sized religious statues that tell the Easter story, long lines of people dressed in robes and headdresses, and the drums and coronets playing traditional Easter music make an Easter week tailored tour a breathtaking—and unmissable—experience.  


Finally, another Andalusian tradition that we at Lugarex love to share with our travelers is the concept of the feria or fair. Usually held between March and November, the events celebrate different seasons, local patron saints and harvests, and feature funfair rides, flamenco dresses, horse and carriage rides, and dancing and drinking in small tents known as casetas

Some of the most famous include the April Fair in Seville, the Sherry Fair in May in Sanlucar and the August Fair in Malaga, making a personalized ferias-themed tour a great choice for your vacation to Andalusia. 

After that whistle-stop tour through Andalusia’s essentials, why not get in touch with us to we can help you plan your vacation to southern Spain? Contact us now to get started. 

Which Andalucian city is the most impressive one?

The gloves are off; it’s time to fight for the title of most impressive Andalusian city. Or perhaps we’ll take a friendlier approach and show you what’s great about each one. Here goes... 


“The perfect dream and fantasy” according to the great Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, Granada is a magical destination. The Alhambra palace and fortress overlooks the city and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada tower even further above. Yet much of Granada’s appeal also lies in the detail, from the evening light reflecting on to a building to a single arabesque tile that catches your eye as you walk by.  

Fortunately for you, thanks to our knowledgeable guides, we can show you the very best of the city during your private tour of Granada. 


The “flower of Spain” according to Baroque poet and native of the city, Luis de Góngora, taking a holiday trip to Cordoba is like traveling back in time. Narrow, cobbled streets, the smell of orange blossom and the endless horseshoe arches of the mosque-cathedral bring the city’s Moorish past slap-bang into the present.  

It’s definitely one of our favorite Andalusian cities, so let our local guides show you the magic of Cordoba in a personalized tour.  


Renowned chef Ferran Adriá once said, “You can’t explain Seville, you have to experience it. It has a unique soul.” So let’s experience it!  

Come with us as we take you on a personalized visit to the Alcazar palace and its ornamental Mudejar style. Or marvel at the Giralda tower of the cathedral as you enjoy a break with some local tapas and wine. And more than anything, let us help you experience the unique soul of Seville. 


This “Paradise City”, according to poet Vicente Aleixandre, welcomes visitors with its blue, sunny skies and amalgamation of the old and the new. In Malaga, modern architecture mixes with Roman ruins, traditional dishes with gourmet creations, and Renaissance churches with lively nightlife.  

The gateway to the Costa del Sol, a visit to Malaga is just the beginning of your vacation in southern Spain, so can we start planning already? 

The pretty cliff-side setting of Ronda, the cobbled streets of Nerja, the white villages of Frigiliana, Olvera and others or the unexpected visit to Britain via the overseas territory of Gibraltar. The list of Andalusia’s impressive locations gets longer and we’re no closer to finding a winner.  

So that can only mean one thing: it’s time for you to come on vacation and choose for yourself. To organize your trip to Andalusia, get in contact with travel specialists Lugarex—we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Best beaches in Andalucía: Which to choose?

For many, sun, sea and sand are an essential part of a vacation. If that’s you, let us share with you our Lugarex take on the best beaches in Andalusia. 

Beaches in Cadiz 

The province of Cadiz in western Andalusia is home to some excellent locations where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. From luxurious complexes such as Sotogrande, with activities like horse riding and golf, to the windsurfers’ paradise of Tarifa and its white sandy beaches, here you will find some of Andalusia’s best beaches.   

Beaches in Granada  

Surrounded by cliffs and mountains, Granada’s Costa Tropical enjoys a microclimate of its very own. There, the pebbled beaches of Motril, Almuñecar and other towns are worth visiting, and especially if water sports are your thing.   

Beaches in Malaga 

If you’re considering a holiday in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol, we like your thinking. A combination of cleanliness, excellent facilities and proximity to a wide range of accommodation options means the area’s beaches are ever-popular among the most discerning travelers.  

On the Costa del Sol, the beaches of Marbella are an excellent choice. Framed by the backdrop of the nearby Sierra Blanca mountain range, they include some great family-friendly options like Playa de Nagüeles, Playa de Alicate and Playa Hermosa, while Nikki Beach is the place to go for an exclusive experience, both night and day.  

Or how about you take a day out of your Marbella holiday trip for an excursion to Nerja? Not only will you get a chance to see one of Andalusia’s prettiest destinations, but you can also visit the city’s main beach, Playa Burriana.  

And there are also plenty of other quieter beach options along the coast around Nerja, if you’d prefer to stop for a dip in the sea on your way back to your hotel.  

How about your very own beach? 

We couldn’t finish a discussion of Andalusia’s best beaches without mentioning that you also have accommodation options that come with access to a private beach. So, if that’s something that makes you want to grab your swimsuit and head for the airport, just let us know and we can organize it for you. 

Contact Lugarex now and start planning your beach vacation in Andalusia!

Ask for more information if you want to prepare your next tailor-made luxury holidays to Madrid and its surroundings