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We invite you to follow the paths and traces of other travellers from the past: Romans, Celts, Visigoths, Moors and Christians – navigators, historians, discoverers have all left their mark on the Iberian nation. It was they and the beautiful culture and people of Portugal of today who turned this piece of land into one of the most exciting and intriguing countries in the planet. Now Portugal can leave a mark on you; an unforgettable memory long to be cherished – a personalised trip to Portugal designed by our passionate team of travel advisors at Lugarex, a unique and local travel agency.

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Best places in Portugal to travel

Culture trip to Portugal

Soulful songs, delicious meals, stunning buildings…the list of Portugal’s cultural beauty is endless. 

Small wonder the country has 17 UNESCO World Heritage properties, including the historic center of the northern city Porto. And, whether you like music, art, history, architecture or food and wine, cultural experiences in Portugal are easy to organize with Lugarex’s tailor-made tours.

Picturesque tile in Alfama neighborhood, Lisbon

Picturesque tile in Alfama neighborhood, Lisbon

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Beach travels to Portugal

When the sun is shining, there’s no better place to be than Portugal. A refreshing breeze from the Atlantic Ocean combines with warm temperatures to create an ideal location for beach dwellers, water sports lovers, and leisure seekers alike.

Wooden footbridge to the beautiful Praia Camilo beach near Lagos

Wooden footbridge to the beautiful Praia Camilo beach near Lagos

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Wine tours: culinary experiences in Portugal

When traveling, don’t you find you often spend too much time looking for places to eat and drink? You couldn’t possibly go home without trying this dish or sampling that drink, but there’s just one problem. Where do you start? 

With such a long list of Portuguese dishes and tipples that you just have to try, why not let travel experts Lugarex set up some of the best culinary tours of Portugal for you? Our knowledge of authentic food and drink experiences in Portugal mean we have some great options available to you.

Boat trips on the Douro River

Boat trips on the Douro River

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Family trips to Portugal: enjoy with children

Portugal receives children with open arms. Families are welcome in a wide variety of locations, can vacation in a temperate climate in many parts of the country, and take part in plenty of fun activities.

A family walks hand in hand at sunset

A family walks hand in hand at sunset

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Historical tours in Portugal: enjoy its heritage

If you visit a country whose borders have not changed since the 12th century, it will come as no surprise that you will feel surrounded by history.  

But it’s one thing to notice ancient buildings, beautiful palaces and ornate churches, and another to be guided around them by people who are truly passionate about their story. 

When you decide to plan your vacation in Portugal with travel designers Lugarex, not only will you get a luxury stay, authentic experiences and some of the very best adventures; you will also access the history of Portugal through its buildings, landscapes and people.

The subway initiation well of Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra

The subway initiation well of Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra

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Discover Portugal’s art: galleries and museums

Art is often a key part of a visit to a European city. And Lisbon and Porto are no exception. 

If you’re hoping to visit some art galleries and museums during your stay in Portugal, travel curator Lugarex can organize art-focused tours and museum visits so you can appreciate some of the finest pieces in Europe. 

Lisbon has many different museums, where you can contemplate music, architecture and even football. But if it’s art you’re interested in, let’s see what we can recommend…

Famous Carmo church with its beautiful Azulejo art in Porto

Famous Carmo church with its beautiful Azulejo art in Porto

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Discover the jewish Heritage with our Portugal tours

Jewish history and heritage in Portugal can be seen in myriad manifestations, whether in street names in former Jewish quarters, memorials to historical events, or small signs on buildings that only those in the know can show you.  

So if you wish to discover more about Portugal’s Jewish history and heritage, why not let travel curator Lugarex create a tailor-made visit for you?  

Not only will we take you to all the key locations during your Jewish-focused visit to Portugal. We will also provide you with experienced guides who can shed a light on the story of the Jewish people in the country.

Belem Tower, Lisbon

Belem Tower, Lisbon

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Where to holiday in Portugal?

Lisbon and surroundings

El Algarve

Porto and surroundings


Douro Valley

Frequently asked questions about Lugarex’s trips and tours to Portugal

What to see in Portugal?

Anyone looking for a luxury tour of any Southern European country will encounter amazing history, beautiful landscapes and great food. And Portugal, in the westernmost part of continental Europe, is no exception.  

Add to that a great climate for much of the year, a fascinating history of seafaring and great voyages, and unique cultural traditions, and you have the ideal destination for a luxury travel experience. 

So, what should you aim to see on your tailor-made holidays to Portugal?  

It all depends on taste, of course. And we look forward to discussing your preferences with you during our initial conversations. Moreover, as expert travel curators, Lugarex can suggest some unmissable destinations for anyone looking for tailor-made holidays to Portugal.  

Lisbon, the nation’s capital, is a must-see. A place where visitors are warmly welcomed by friendly locals, proud of their stunning architecture, authentic local food and unique sights.  

Day trips from Lisbon include Sintra and its pretty palaces, Cascais and its beautiful beaches, and the shrine of Fatima, where millions of pilgrims flock each year. 

Porto, to the north, is Portugal’s second city and home to the world-famous port wine. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Porto’s historic center is unmissable, as is a boat ride on the Douro under the metal arch of the Dom Luís I bridge. 

Day trips from Porto include a guided tour to the Douro Valley, where you can taste wines at source and take a boat trip to drink in the unique landscape of terraced vineyards. The small 12th-century town of Guimaraes is also a great option for a trip during your guided visit to Portugal. 

Then, further south you will find the beaches of the Algarve. This is the ideal place to relax after a busy few days of sightseeing. Or if you want more action, how about organizing a boat trip, some water sports or a walking route for you to keep on enjoying this marvelous country? 

It doesn’t stop there. These are just some ideas of what you can see in Portugal. But we’re also looking forward to presenting you with other suggestions for heading off the beaten track into some unforgettable experiences! 

Now, you just need to get in touch with us so we can help you plan your tailor-made vacation in Portugal.

Which are the best places to holiday in Portugal?

The best thing about Portugal is that you’re spoilt for choice when planning a vacation.  

You have cities, countryside, beaches and mountains. You have history, art, water sports and amazing food and drink. 

So, when asking about the best places to holiday in Portugal, it really is up to you! 

Of course, we would advise you to work with us, expert travel curators Lugarex, to design a stress-free vacation where there’s room for everything.  

If it’s a city break, Lisbon is the place to be. 

If you want great food and drink, how about some time in the north, around the Douro Valley and its world-famous wines? 

If you’re into history, we can arrange visits to Portugal’s many fascinating sites, with local guides who love sharing their subject. 

And of course, if you’re looking for time on the beach enjoying the sun, sea and sand, we’ll know to send you south to the Algarve. 

But the best thing of all is that if you want a combination of all those options, that’s fine too!  

Just tell us how long you’d like to visit, who's in your party and what you love doing. The rest can be left to us!

Where to eat in Portugal?

Portugal is known for its quality wines, traditional cuisine, myriad international influences and excellent hospitality. That makes it an ideal place to try some amazing local gastronomy.  

Luckily for you, we at travel curators Lugarex know exactly how to fulfill your epicurean wishes!  

One day you might like to try a traditional Portuguese meal, made with great ingredients and simple tastes. On others you might want something more modern or a touch of fine dining to celebrate your trip.  

You might want an intimate dinner to music (we’d suggest the unique sounds of Portuguese fado), or perhaps you need a restaurant that will cater to different tastes, including those of little children.  

So, when you ask us, “Where shall we eat in Portugal?”, our answer is, “Wherever you like!” 

The range of eateries is extensive. From bakeries and cafes for breakfast or a mid-morning coffee to lunch in a restaurante or tasca, where you can have an authentic experience of a busy Portuguese mealtime. A drink in a bar with some petiscos (similar to Spanish tapas) is a good way to start the evening. And if it’s great seafood you want, head for the marisqueira.  

The timing of meals is important, to make sure you don’t turn up too early or too late. Lunch, for instance, takes place between noon and 3pm and dinner from around 7.30pm to 10pm.  

Another handy hint is to be aware of meal sizes. Large portions are typical, so you might think about ordering to share as an option  

As you plan your visit with us, we’ll be sure to discuss your gastronomic preferences. That way, we can work with our experienced local guides to make sure they take you to the hidden restaurants and bars that only the locals know about during your personalized tours. 

So, start dreaming of fresh fish and meat, salt cod (bacalhau) in its many guises and more 

Portuguese custard tarts that you can imagine! Portugal, its food and drink awaits. 

For more insights into where to eat in Portugal and how to make the most of food and drink experiences in the country, get in touch with us at Lugarex now.

Which is the best place for a family holiday in Portugal?

A família, as it’s known in Portugal, is one of the core elements of Portuguese life. So you’re in luck, because that means your family is welcome in Portugal! 

As travel designers, we at Lugarex know that traveling as a family is not always easy. Different members want different things. Plus, your timetables may revolve around naps or meals.   

But don’t worry. In addition to Portugal being a great place for families, Lugarex can also plan a tailor-made vacation for you and your loved ones that makes sure everyone is satisfied. 

From start to finish, we will work with you to find out who you are and what you’re looking for out of your holiday in Portugal. Then, we can come up with a personalized schedule that integrates guided tours, activities and downtime.  

As for the best places to go, family trips to Portugal can include visits and activities for the mind, for the body and for fun. So, we’re confident we can cover all your family’s needs. From museums to theme parks to a relaxing time by the ocean, you’re spoilt for choice. 

So, whether it’s spotting dolphins in the Algarve, a taste of Portuguese life in Lisbon or some history and beautiful natural landscapes around Porto, we can get things organized for you. 

And don’t forget that our hands-on approach to working with you means we can also help you sort out any last-minute requirements once you’re on your trip.  

So come on, let’s get planning for your family vacation in Portugal!

When is the best time to travel to Portugal?

There’s no denying it: Portugal is a popular country. It is a summertime destination for many Europeans, as well as the Portuguese themselves, who head for the countryside and coast mainly in August.  

So, what does that mean for you? Well, let’s just say the summer months, from July to early September, are busy. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel to Portugal in summer, however. It’s just that your experience will be slightly different from visits at other times of the year. 

 One of the highlights of visiting in summer is that in tourist areas, everything is open, giving you a true taste of the vibrancy and energy of summers in Southern Europe.  

And then, there’s the weather. For sun worshippers, average temperatures in summer are around 84°F, with Portugal getting more sunshine than California! 

Despite the heat, which means cities and interior locations can feel even warmer, the good news is that the breeze from the Atlantic has a cooling effect not always felt in neighboring Spain or Italy in the summer months. 

If the hot weather is not your thing, however, springtime is a great time of year to visit Portugal and May is especially pleasant, with average temperatures of 72°F in Lisbon. 

The Algarve, which enjoys an average temperature of 78°F in summer also maintains an acceptable winter average of 60°F. Unlike the rest of the country, which tends to fall foul of the damp and cold Atlantic climate, the Algarve is a good choice for traveling out of season. And May in the Algarve is, like Lisbon, warm at around 73°F. 

There’s always September too, with those end-of-summer benefits of unexpectedly warm weather and fewer tourists.  

Of course, the cities of Lisbon and Porto are great places to visit throughout the year. You might need a coat and umbrella in the autumn and winter, in case of some showers or colder weather, but the wonderful sights and history on offer will delight you, come rain or shine. 

So, there you have some tips about the best time to travel to Portugal. If you want more insights, get in touch with us, your luxury travel designers Lugarex. We’re looking forward to hearing from you! 

All temperature references obtained from the UK Met Office.

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