About Us

About us

Why us

At Lugarex;

we are passionate about designing tailor-made trips curated with your wishes and needs at heart.

We prepare unique customized itineraries that consider your preferences, age, expectations, travel interests, and anything that is meaningful to you when visiting a new country. As a result, we create trips full of memorable experiences, making the whole process straightforward and worry-free.

Our focus is on the quality of each service to deliver an unforgettable trip and a unique experience. We want to show you the real Iberian Peninsula the way you want to see it. Our main wish is that your journey with us inspires lovely memories of an extraordinary trip.

How we work

For us;

it is essential to put ourselves in the place of the traveler and design a tailor-made itinerary as if we were traveling ourselves

Commitment is one of our hallmarks. Our local knowledge and experience, combined with your wishes and needs, will result in a personalized itinerary and a flawless travel experience. We care about the details, ensuring our plan matches your ideal trip; it’s compatible with your lifestyle and tailor-made to be the trip you dreamt of.

We start by listening to you and encouraging phone conversations to understand your travel wishes. Next, we will ask the questions that help us get to know you better; then, we will prepare a tailor-made proposal built around what you want from your holiday every day.

We also offer a 24/7 travel assistance service to adjust, improve or complete a unique travel experience.

Who we are

The team at Lugarex;

is made up of a group of people passionate about discovering and really experiencing the world

The company was founded by two travelers who know vast amounts about Spain and Portugal and have spent years advising friends, colleagues, and family on where to go, what to see, and how to enjoy visiting new countries. Manlio and Daniel are passionate about culture, gastronomy, sports, history, art, nature, and people. Between the two of them, they have explored more than 50 countries, leading to achieving a deep understanding of travelers’ needs. With a genuine focus and passion for customers’ experience, they can adapt to the circumstances of each person/trip, making it possible for them to help you design a tailor-made journey adjusted to your taste, budget, culture, or beliefs.
Under their careful collaboration, the two founders encourage all company members to live up to the Lugarex DNA, a team of local travel agents who will provide a personalized, unique, and exclusive service for each traveler.

By the way, don’t forget to ask about the story and meaning behind our company’s name.

What we do

We show you;

Spain and Portugal in an authentic yet exclusive way

We provide you with a comprehensive service, including your transportation needs, selecting and booking charming boutique or luxury accommodations, and finally, the most special privately guided experiences. Once you confirm your itinerary, you will have access to exclusive experiences with the best professional tour guides, who will accompany you throughout your journey with us.

By the time we drop you at the airport for your return back home at the end of your trip, we are sure you’ll have some fantastic photos and cherish the most beautiful memories. However, we believe our service is completed only after you rate it and give us your opinion on the overall travel experience and our services.

We are confident that you will want to get in touch sooner rather than later and begin planning your next trip with us, perhaps to another corner of the beautiful Iberian Peninsula. Moreover, we will be here for you!