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Lugarex operates with one simple goal – to make bespoke travel to Spain effortless, enjoyable and your ideal trip. Your experience is the heart of our business. Our commitment to you is from the moment you start planning with us right up until you are back home enjoying your photos and ready to share your feedback with us – we take you through the whole journey. We care about the details, making sure our plan matches your ideal trip, it’s compatible to your lifestyle and is indeed tailor made to be the experience you dreamt of.

Whether you have been to Spain many times or this is your first visit, setting up a travel experience that fits your own exact wishes and ideas, or those of your group, can be a hard task – we aspire to make that process simple and uncomplicated. We believe that planning your trip is part of the fun and should never be a chore. We ensure that the trip is built around what you want from your holiday every day.

Our company believes that our success is the ability to fulfil the discerning travellers’ expectations for genuine, authentic and worry-free experiences in Spain.

We listen to your input (wishes, likes, hobbies, expectations and requirements) and help you build your trip based on our expertise and local knowledge. This affords you the luxury of knowing that your holiday really is all about what you want to get from Spain.

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Why us

We want to show you

real Spain the way you want to see it

Lugarex is the brainchild of two travellers who know huge amounts about Spain and have spent years advising friends, colleagues and family on where to go, what to see and how to enjoy their visits to new countries based on whether they seek culture and arts, thrills and adventures, gastronomic delights, relaxation, nightlife, or a mix of everything. We want to help you get under the skin of Spain. Passionate about travel this expertise comes from a team who have explored over fifty countries; from roaming on a budget to first class five star travel- we have covered it all. You can have confidence in our ability to tailor the right plan for you.

With a personalized line of service that offers 24/7 assistance and contact with our team, we make sure you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are never alone when you need answers. This helps to remove much of the stress of traveling abroad. We genuinely care about the quality of experience you have. We are more than just the team who help you do the booking – we help to make the whole travel experience fit. Lugarex only succeeds when your trips are a success and so we go out of our way to ensure you get all the help and assistance that you could possibly need.

Our plans include access to the best parts of Spain – true Spain. We know that it is not often possible for a holiday destination to meet your needs automatically. It takes planning and effort to make the perfect trip possible and as such, your proposal will be built around making sure you get what you signed up for – a tailor-made trip to Spain, built on your desires and enhanced by our expert input.

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How we work

So, how does the Lugarex operation come together at the end of your event?

Step 1

Getting to know you

When you contact us via website or email, we’ll arrange a consultation to get to know you, to understand your likes and expectations and to get an idea of what your ideal trip must include. We can do this on the phone, through a video call or any way that suits you at any time convenient to you.

When we know your travel dates we can start to plan based on what you want to see and experience – don’t worry if you don’t have ideas, we can help you with suggestions and of course, offer options based on events taking place in Spain during your stay. You don’t need to make it all about Spain; when we get to know you, we can personalise as much as possible to suit you.

Step 2

Creating your personalised travel proposal

We will work with you so that together we build the perfect trip for you. We will offer options along with taking your ideas so that your proposal is exactly what you want from your trip. We will tweak our suggestions based on your feedback to make sure this trip is what you want. You can have as little or as much input into the planning as you want and the final decisions on what to choose are up to you. It’s that simple!

Step 3


Once you are happy with the proposal, we’ll deal with the processing of finalisation and payment. At this point we require a 30% deposit to secure the bookings for each of the experiences planned. The remaining balance can be paid a month and a half (45 days) ahead of your scheduled arrival date.

Step 4

Confirmation & documentation

When all the services and bookings are confirmed, we will send you your travel documents along with the information you need so that you can sit back, relax and look forward counting down the days to your trip of a lifetime.

Step 5

Set off and enjoy your tailor-made trip around Spain!

Whether you are traveling on your own, with a partner, family or colleagues, get ready to enjoy your experience. You will be our focus and priority during your time in Spain. We are available to assist you for anything that comes up – 24/7.

At Lugarex, we have carefully selected our team of local guides and we are confident they will become one of the highlights of your trip. We believe that the best way to really immerse yourself in any culture and its history is by interacting with the locals. Who could tell the stories of how a place became what it is today better than a passionate local guide in their own city, town or village? We’d love for you to leave our country feeling that your private local guide brought you a step closer to getting under the skin of Spain.

During your trip and based on your requests and preferences, we will provide you with private transportation including English-speaking drivers and luxury cars. We will ensure that our personalised services extend to every facet of your trip.

Now it is time to relax and to enjoy what we promise will become a memorable, worry-free and seamless travel experience. Spain is waiting for you!

Step 6

Let us know what you thought of your trip

When you get back home, we want to hear from you. We will provide you with a simple feedback form or we can arrange a call to hear all about your trip. We’d love to know what you thought of Spain and whether your travel experience lived up to the hype and the grandeur that we sold it as!

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